About Proton

The brand that moved Malaysia PROTON is Malaysia’s leading automotive manufacturer with 25 years of innovation and exports to over 25 countries. Today, it has over a dozen models in its stable with more than 3 million units sold.

The PROTON brand is a powerful statement of what all PROTONians stand for in their line of duty. It blends traditional Malaysian values with the modern, professional and ethical business values. At the heart of any brand is the Brand Identity that sums up its valuable assets – its brand name, evolved symbols and expressions in the form of a logo. The PROTON Logo remains consistent with the same mark found on its vehicles to ensure that the PROTON brand retains a single identity. The roaring tiger mark is PROTON’s legacy as a Malaysian carmaker. It represents Malaysia’s heritage and relates to the two tigers found on Malaysia’s coat of arms. The characteristics of the tiger symbolises PROTON’s management style and business tenure, while its strength is reflected in all PROTON products. Its shield emblem signifies solidity and trustworthiness as an automotive manufacturer, delivering quality and reliability in its products and services. The diamond shape is a tribute to PROTON’s original top mark and is among the more unique automotive logo shapes familiar to domestic consumers. Black is the predominant colour, denoting PROTON’s strength, confidence and determination, while the sleek silver demonstrates its growing maturity as a key automotive player in the Southeast Asian region and eventually in the rest of the world. The colour silver also connotes technological progress and innovation – traits that are reflected in its new vehicles. Finally, the overall minimalist black and silver finish reflects simplicity and consistency, traits reinforced in PROTON’s identity.